Story Time

Blimps & Whales

Written by Bethany Argisle
Illustrated by Neil Osborn

This is a love story about two very different friends, a blimp and a whale. It conveys, in the simplest way, a message of love between those different from us, and promotes the protection of our delicate natural world.

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Count Broccula

Written and illustrated by Neil Osborn
Foreword by Elson Haas, MD

Eat your vegetables before they eat you first! Join a little boy named Albert as he overcomes his fear of eating vegetables, especially broccoli.

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The Anatomix Comix

Written by Elson Haas, MD and Bethany Argisle
Original music composed by Robert Powell and Gary Maynard

Originally performed for children’s theater in San Francisco, this is a fun, interactive comic book that teaches young children about the human body and how to keep it healthy. Each body system is paired with a catchy song that children love to sing along to.

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