Our Story

More than 30 years of EDU-WEAR - Educational Entertainment about health for kids and families!

Bethany Argisle and Elson Haas first met in May 1976 and have been creative colleagues ever since. Over the years they have produced an educational clothing line, best-selling books and now an organization dedicated to teaching children how to keep themselves and their natural environment healthy. With their new line of children’s books and music, Bethany and Elson continue their mission for the betterment of Planet Earth and future generations.

Bethany is an accomplished, if not legendary, Bay Area storyteller, once known as the Princess of Argyle. These days, she continues her mission to educate and enchant children as a book editor and environmental author.

Elson continues to be a pioneering leader in the field of preventive medicine with his practice, Preventive Medical Center of Marin. He is also a best selling author and educator in his nearly forty years as an integrated medical physician.