June 2011

One in 13 Kids Have Allergies!

Parents, listen up! A new government study reveals that 1 in 13 children in the US have food allergies! So be aware and teach your kids healthy eating habits at an early age.  

Apple Peel Ingredient Keeps Muscles Strong

According to the June 2011 issue of Cell Metabolism, researchers have discovered that ursolic acid in apple peels may help prevent muscle weakening.

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Healthy Fathers Beyond Father's Day

Even though fathers may be served as royalty on their special day - coming up on June 19th - learning and knowing about healthy nutrition, shopping, food labels, cooking good meals and serving the family members are all extremely valuable pursuits for life.

Oceana's New Seafood Fraud Campaign

"Oceana’s new report, titled “Bait and Switch: How Seafood Fraud Hurts Our Oceans, Our Wallets and Our Health,” explains how consumers are being misled about the seafood they buy, with negative impac