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SEASONS STUDIOS is dedicated to educational entertainment for children and familes about health, nutrition and the environment. The company takes its name from Dr. Elson Haas' first book "Staying Healthy with the Seasons" which shows how to enhance personal health by connecting with the cycles of Nature.

NEW OFFERINGS - we are excited to introduce new items in our popular Edu-Wear clothing line that features ENERGY ANATOMY. Traditional healing systems around the world have recognized a subtle, energetic body that underlies our physical anatomy. Our ACU-T Shirt shows the torso meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine printed front and back in red and black. The ACU-SOX show the meridians of the lower leg with the Reflexology points on the bottom like our classic, bestelling Sole-Sox. The CHAKRA-T Shirt features the seven energy centers of the Hindu tradition. These are available in three colors and with short or long sleeves - enjoy!

CHILDREN are our most important asset and family health is the key to our future. The time is now and each one of us has a role to play. We can make the vital and necessary changes in our lifestyle and diet to enhance our own health and protect the environment.